Atlanta Real Estate

Benefits of working with One Big House

One Big House has been serving the city of Atlanta and its surrounding areas since 2002 and believes in serving with excellence. The company has over time expanded its operations to include specialized and comprehensive real estate services with many management benefits. With the company’s extensive experience in the region, its clientele can rest assured of being served by experienced professionals who understand the real estate market of the area in depth. The company provides a streamlined end-to-end process to fulfill any buying or selling needs of its customers.

Selling Process – Sell your home faster with more money

Your first sale is the beginning of our partnership

Selling a property can be very taxing and selling it “high” needs the right property manager. Selling your property faster and when the market is hot requires a lot of preparation from fixes to strategically marketing and showcasing it. It is not only time consuming but also has to be diligently executed so that everything is sealed and delivered by the closing date.

As your trusted agent, we make sure that we are there with you from the moment you decide to sell until the day it is sold. We offer a comprehensive plan (end-to-end) after surveying your property on how to make changes that can maximize its value to when to list so it can sell quickly.

We list your property when the sale prices in the area of your interest begin to pick up. Data show that there are prime-buying seasons and sellers who list their properties during the prime season benefit the most.

We advise you on a price to sell with keeping CMA reference point and market condition in the equation. Home prices nationwide are expected to rise 3 percent year-over-year. We suggest a market price based on comparables.

Buying Process – Buy your dream home with less money

Buying a property can be exciting but quite time-consuming especially if you are not familiar with the complete process of buying a property and do not understand the market well. We always advise our clients to buy “low” or when the market is slowing down. This translates into more money into your pocket.

In order to successfully buy or sell any property, you need to know the market first. Is the market-weighted toward buyers or sellers? Only then we are able to fully strategize for you. We thoroughly research value trends in the neighborhoods you’re reviewing and look for the “bottoming out” of the market by closely monitoring sales in the area compared with your property